Insight from Pastor Tom

Do you hear people query; Does anything really matter? In a world fraught with institutional decline, political divisiveness, and personal skepticism, I hear this plea.

But here’s what I see…

Men’s Breakfast on Saturday morning serving eggs and dishing up great conversation.

This Matters.

Women gathering on Sunday evenings to knit prayer shawls for times of emotional duress, challenging health issues or the celebration of new life.

This Matters.

The Outreach Team meeting monthly to discern where our abundance can meet the basic needs of others.

This Matters.

Caring for God’s Creation Team stewarding a biblical garden to teach and celebrate God’s natural world.

This Matters.

Musicians meeting weekly gracing our worship with individual talents.

This Matters.

Wide-eyed children expressing exuberance in hearing the stories of a loving God. during chapel at Butterfly Christian Preschool.

This Matters.

Senior High Youth gathering on Tuesday evenings to play games, eat and laugh, wrestle with the difficult questions of faith and life in a safe and empowering environment.

This Matters.

Throughout the week, small groups of adults engaging each other in growing faith and discipleship.

This Matters.

And so I would answer, “Yes! Lots of things matter.”

In all that we do, in all that we say, we are called to be champions of hope as followers of Christ. At this pivotal moment in our history, God is presenting us with an amazing gift. The gift of being able to be more, do more, share more, in a world that is wondering what matters.

Through our campus renewal plan, we seek to raise 3.5-4 million dollars over a four year commitment. For Shepherd of the Hills to build on its great legacy and continue to shape the future, improvements to our facility must be addressed. This plan creates a campus of hope by offering diverse environments to engage community, worship space that enhances our expressions of praise and thanksgiving, and developing our natural setting into places of beauty, tranquility, and invitation.

This Matters! because first and foremost, people matter to God. It’s the story on which we base our lives, raise our children, and navigate life’s storms. Now is the time to be bold in our actions as well. This Matters! because God matters to us. It’s just that simple, and yes, that difficult.

In advance, I thank you for praying and considering being a part of This Matters!

What matters?

You do! You matter to me, you matter to Shepherd of the Hills.

Blessings of hope and opportunity,

Pastor Tom