Renew & Revitalize

Here are the construction drawing renderings of what we are about to build!

For more Project info, click – This Matters! Project Scope

Front Entry_17111401

Street Entrance = Defined Presence!

Front Overview_17111401_lightened

Front Overview of our “new” look

New Sanctuary Walkway_17111401

New Walkway to the Sanctuary and Courtyard!

Breezeway Building and Rain Gardens_17111401

New Courtyard and Education Wing view with rain gardens!

BCPS Overview from Courtyard_17111401_lightened

Butterfly Christian Preschool new deck and playgrounds!


Upper/Lower Playground areas


Toddler Playground area (far side) with deck

Courtyard from BCPS Deck_17111401

Courtyard from Butterfly deck area

Narthex-Sanctuary View from Sanctuary Exterior Entry_17111401

Relocated Sanctuary Doors define Sanctuary Presence

Sanctuary_Hallway_from_relocated_Sanctuary_Doors_17111401Sanctuary Hallway and Media Room

Sanctuary View showing Screen locations_17111401

Sanctuary with new retractable Worship Screens!

Sanctuary View showing Choir area and new sound booth_17111401_lightened

New Sound booth in Sanctuary – Enhanced Worship Experience! 

Narthex View of Sanctuary new Glass_17111401

Sanctuary Presence in Narthex – Expanded Worship Experience!

Narthex view of elevator lower level and storage room_17111401

Accessible Elevator on the 1st Floor

Top of Stairs view into new 2nd floor open area_17111401

Transformed 2nd Floor entry – “Welcome!”

2nd floor 1st classroom former upper room 17111401New 2nd Floor Class Room #1 (former Upper Room)

2nd floor 2nd classroom former upper room 17111401

New 2nd Floor Class Room #2 (former Upper Room)

2nd floor 3rd classroom former storage room 17111401

New 2nd floor Class Room #3 (former storage room)


2nd floor 4th classroom former crossroads room 17111401

New 2nd floor Class Room #4 (former crossroads room)

2nd floor top of stairs view of elevator and triptych_17111401

2nd Floor Accessible Elevator with Triptych view!

Activity Center view from narthex door 1_17111401

New Activity Center (gym) showing accessible new far door!

Activity Center view from narthex door 2_17111401

New Activity Center (gym) showing accessible door near kitchen

Terrace view from Activity Center Door 17111401_lightened

New Activity Center Back Terrace Gathering area & accessible entrance!

Back Overview showing left entrance to terrace_17111401

Back view of terrace showing add alternate water tanks and solar panels!

For more info on the This Matters! Campus Renewal project, click here – This Matters! Project Scope