Why This Matters!

Why my faith at Shepherd of the Hills matters to me?

“My faith has always mattered, but now it matters all the more.  Time has allowed me to realize, with some help and reflection, that much or what is wrong with our world, and what is right with it depends on whether there is a true Community with True neighbors.  I have worshiped at Shepherd for many years, but spent much less as a part of the Community there. I have always valued being there.  All us have a faith journey that ebbs and flows.  Such is the case for our Congregation.  Rebuilding it, as is often true of ourselves, requires a Community and Commitment if it is to prosper and find purpose.   This allows us and me to realize our faith in the way it was intended.

To be present in this moment, is to help rebuild and refresh ourselves, our faith, and the Community we worship in.  Sometimes the call comes, and the answer needs to be yes.”

-Peter Miller


“I want Shepherd of the Hills to enlarge our territory!” (responding to God’s call to Jabez in I Chronicles)

-Don Cadenhead


“I was a long-time, extremely active member of another local church until very recently. 

That church meant the world to me, both spiritually and socially.  However, changes occurred and I found myself no longer happy there, which was devastating.  After a lot of soul searching, I realized it was time to find a new church home.  It did not take long to decide on Shepherd of the Hills.  The worship services are very meaningful and I have been embraced from day one.  I am so thankful to have found a wonderful new church home at Shepherd of the Hills!”

-Debra Ayoub


“ShepHills has become the center point of our faith and inspiration,

providing a supportive, calming foundation for the stress of daily hectic life”

-Carmen Adams-Schulz & Steve Schulz


“Those who came before us provided a sanctuary of peace and love in which to worship our Lord.

We are called in our Shepherd of the Hills Church Mission Statement “to be a nurturing dynamic community” where we can celebrate “God’s presence in our lives”. We want to share with our Faith Community the abundance God has shown us by moving forward with supporting “This Matters”.

-Russ and Carol McNaughton


“We felt like lost sheep in Austin while we were searching for a new church home.

Shepherd of the Hills welcomed our family into the flock. Our family’s faith journey “matters” to us and we look forward to strengthening and growing the Church community with the renewal campaign.” 

-Mark Gerhardt


“Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other”Romans 12:10.

We have said YES, THIS MATTERS! By pledging to give our time and money to this campaign, we not only honor the vision ShepHills has for our congregation and community, but we honor our family’s personal faith journey. We find true affection and delight in giving to this campaign. It really does matter to us.”

-Megan Hansen & family


“Shepherd of the Hills has been a blessing to my family in so many ways and we love the sense of community here.   

We are excited about the proposed improvements and the possibilities ahead for our church!”

-Clay Johnson