Activity Center/Gym Shaping Up!!!

Shall we say “Let there be light”!


With state-of-the-art Audio Visual System including high performance audio best-in-class pickup and reduced noise hearing assistance with easy to wear neck loop for listeners with T-coil equipped hearing aids!


Supported by ultimate high strength steel re-enforcing our roof structure!


with concrete and more concrete – Our new patio is coming!

Activity_Center_Concrete_18052301 Coming Soon!

  • The “Big” Screen!
  • The big windows and doors!
  • Preparing for the floor installation!
  • Our patio canopy!
  • Outside patio lighting installation
  • Landscaping and outside tree lighting


Campus Renewal Activity Center is progressing nicely!

Excellent progress is being made in the Activity Center/Gym construction.  The patio has been formed and is ready for concrete pouring next week.

Activity Center Patio_18051101

The Activity Center ceiling vinyl insulation has been repaired, sealed and painted.  Our new state of the art light low energy fixtures with dimming controls along with Bose array speakers are being installed.  Walls are being painted.

Activity Center Lights_18051701

Activity Center being painted_18051701

We are getting close to installing the Glass Windows and Doors, preparing the floor for installation and moving in mid to end June!

Thank you for your continued support!