Campus Renewal Update!

Permit Status:

We are working with the city to clear up final remaining questions.  The city has a new Arborist that has not reviewed the application yet.  This is being expedited on our end.  The fire marshal and inspection service have signed off.  We are very close!

Construction Prep:

Silt fencing is going to be installed within the next week.  If we get the permit in the next few days, more activity will follow (tree protection, heavy equipment arrival, etc.).

Playground Equipment & Design:

Many thanks to Elisa Dennis, Butterfly Boosters, Jan Burnight, Butterfly Preschool Board and Jeanne Grevlos, Butterfly Preschool Director for heading up the equipment design team.  The team is finalizing exciting new equipment configurations being prepared by the playground suppliers.

Butterfly Sunday is this Sunday – March 4, 2018 during the worship services.

Come check it out!

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