Preparing for construction!

The contractor is on site and preparing for construction!  They have delivered their site trailer and connected power.  A construction fence will be installed shortly behind the Activity Center (Gym).

The city inspector is reviewing our permit and once they sign the permit, we can begin the actual construction.

The next step will be to relocate the trash dumpsters and Preschool shed to the non-affected area.  This will happen next week.

The new refrigerator/freezer for the Fellowship Hall kitchen is being delivered tomorrow February 8, 2018.

Finally, don’t forget our Mardi Gras youth fundraiser event this Saturday, February 10, 2018 5 to 8 PM in the Fellowship Hall (Butterfly Center) with live Austin Jazz scene music by the Rich Harney Quartet, gumbo cook off and more fun!  You can get more info and sign up here –

Mardi Gras Sign Up



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