Pr. Tom reflects on Campus Renewal…

Shepherd of the Hills is getting ready to start our Campus Renewal project in early 2018! We are excited to begin and this is WHY…..

  • To grow a healthy, vibrant, and thriving faith community is always one that calls us/draws us in, in order that we might be sent out “to love and serve the Lord”.
  • To be a dynamic, growing, and Spirit-filled church where friend invites friend, neighbor invites neighbor, and new faces of all ages and colors fill the indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • To provide a welcoming, inviting, and faithful community of faith that is passionate and compassionate, joyful and hopeful, giving and loving…all reflected in the environments created.

A great church is a mission-centered church! Get ready for a Shepherd of the Hills to be a renewed Center for Mission!

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