This Matters! Update from Pr. Steve Olson, Campaign Consultant

Dear Friends in Christ,

I look forward to being with you this Sunday morning as we gather together for worship and then for your important congregational meeting.  There you will be voting on the church council’s recommendation to move forward with construction.  It’s an exciting time!

You are responding generously and enthusiastically to This Matters!   Commitments of almost $3,250,000 have been made by 129 households, and over $1,000,000 of this has already been given – even before the first spade of dirt has been turned.  THANK YOU for continuing to move forward in  faith!

We anticipate that over the course of these four years, additional commitments and gifts will be made, moving past the $3.5 million goal, and striving toward the $4 million aspiration goal.  We will continue to provide opportunities for people to join in this effort, including new members, new supporters for This Matters!, and those who can now share more than when they made their original commitment.

During the initial launch of This Matters!, project cost estimates were based on conceptual drawings.  Since then, the Building Task Force has continued to work hard, and with the architect and contractors, are getting closer to actual costs.  This is typical in church building projects, as is securing financing for a construction/perm loan.   The gifts in hand, and those made during construction, will cash flow the first part of the project.  A construction/perm loan will provide for the completion of the project.

The actual amount of any remaining project debt will be determined when the project is completed and the amount remaining is known along with additional collections from This Matters!.  With all the time and effort that has gone into this project, accomplishing as large a scope as possible is good stewardship of time, energy, and finances along with a plan to responsibly manage it.  By keeping remaining project debt payments separate from the annual ministry budget, the debt can be paid off as quickly as possible, and your ministry and outreach can continue to grow.

I continue to be grateful for the leadership, involvement, and generosity of so many at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church.   Through faith and action, you are saying to your community and beyond, This Matters!

God’s Blessings,

Pastor Steve Olson

This Matters! Campaign Consultant

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