From Pastor Tom…

This Matters because God matters (most) and all God’s children matter! Thank you for your commitment to Christ and his Church!

“It’s a Wonderful Life” is in my top five of favorite movies. I am always struck by the message of “What if”. What if George Bailey had not been born, imagine how the course of history would have changed! We speak a great deal about the impact this community of faith has had on the lives of people. But, “what if” Shepherd of the Hills had never been planted here over 40 years ago. Or, “what if” the congregation chose to not respond to our This Matters! Capital Campaign. Just think of what this community and what this world would be missing!

Your generosity to This Matters! ensures that the legacy of faith active in love will continue to grow and flourish. Our campus renewal plans are coming together and we project that by October/November we will be ready to reveal final plans to the congregation. There are some items still in flux but the grit and determination of your Building Task Force in collaboration with our Architect and Contractors continue to move the process forward in a healthy way. May we not forget that what act on today will impact both the present and future of this faithful community! While not all in life is wonderful, being a participant in God’s kingdom work enables us to say, it is a wonderful life!

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