Campus Renewal Update – July

Many “behind the scenes” activities are ongoing with the Campus Renewal Project.  Here is what is going on in July:

  • Geotech Survey – This is a boring survey to determine soil structure for support of structures.  We have selected a contractor and are working out the details of providing access for the boring truck and identifying utilities & pipe locations near the boring locations.  
  • Upgrading the Playground design – After further review with Butterfly Christian Preschool and the general contractor, the playground design is being upgraded to support a more accessible layout for the toddlers with an emphasis on creating a “learning” play environment.  Review of types of equipment, enclosure materials and surface material is currently underway.
  • Upgrading Site / Landscape Design – The architects and general contractor are updating the site plan/landscape in order to prepare for meetings with the City of Westlake Hills in order to solicit potential acceptance of the site design concept for permit application.  
  • Costing review – The architects and general contractor are performing costing analysis to determine a final cost of the work project budget in support of a planned congregation vote in the fall to proceed with the project construction and financing. As mentioned by Pastor Steve Olson, This Matters! Consultant, the continued support of This Matters! gives us a major step forward in minimizing the financing costs for construction. 

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