What is “This Matters!”?

Short Answer: The title of our Capital Campaign.

Long Answer: This Matters! presents the opportunity to renew and revitalize personal faith as we commit our resources to deferred maintenance, outdoor beautification, and repurposing spaces for ministry and mission.

How will this be accomplished?

Short Answer: By raising $3.5 to $4 million dollars.

Long Answer: Every gift amount matters because participation matters! There are various ways to share resources listed in detail on this website. Commitments to this campaign can be spread out over four years for manageability.

Why now?

Short Answer: The time is right!

Long Answer: With NO debt, along with city improvements increasing our street visibility, Shepherd of the Hills is at the opportune time to make the most of converging factors.

Why This Matters! to us? – Testimonials

BCPS Pic of Briggs and Bible

“My son wouldn’t leave the house without his Bible!” – Mother of Butterfly toddler